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Bias Tape Maker Tool Kit

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    Wanna decorate fabric like bags or wallet in an easy way? Bias Tape Maker Tool Kit surely helps you a lot!

    It is a set of bias tape making tools which enables to create special pattern tape by remained or abandoned fabric. It is eco-friendly to renew cloth which is to-be-threw and is too small for being towel or purse. Give the second life for the fabric!

    With the delicate and accurate tools, you can create different useful fabric crafts like wallet, bags, clothes, apron etc. Make some for who you love!


    • 11 Pcs Bias Tape Maker Tool Kit
      Easily make different bias tapes with different widths by just this tool kit
    • Effective Bias Tape Maker
      Making unique style of tapes with only 2 seconds!
    • Easy to Apply
      Drag your fabric into tape maker
      by using awl optionally, pull the fabric and it will fold automatically, then can use iron to fix the shape

    • Diverse Fabrics
      Applicable for cotton, spinning, rayon, silk etc.
    • 2 Techniques of Folding
      Both of single fold and double fold are available by this set
    • Wide Application
      Can create different useful fabric crafts like face mask, wallet, bags, clothes, apron etc.
    • Decorative Tape
      Recycle your pretty clothes
      to delicate tapes for new fabric crafts, give another life for the abandoned fabric!
    • Flexible Tools
      With the seamless clips and tape measurer, you can fix the fabric more accurately and effectively make parallel tape of width, and perfectly splice on clothes


          1. Drag fabric into tape maker (use awl optionally)

          2. Pull fabric, it will fold automatically

          3. Use iron to heat and fix the shape of tape


            • Material: Metal, Silicone
            • Size of Box: 44 x 40 x 31 cm


            • 1 x 6mm Tape Maker
            • 1 x 12mm Tape Maker
            • 1 x 18mm Tape Maker
            • 1 x 25mm Tape Maker
            • 4 x Color Clips
            • 1 x Measurer
            • 1 x Awl
            • 1 x Box of Nails

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