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Crystal Resin Coaster DIY Kit

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    Lack of elegance & uniqueness in dining room? Create your own Crystal Resin Coaster IN A BREEZE with our DIY kit!

    This kit provides a full set of DIY tools (coaster mold, resin & color inks) for professional-quality coaster creation.  Our premium resin creates quartz-like coasters after complete dry, which always look romantic & gorgeous to decorate your dining table!

    Non-stick & flexible silicone mold helps de-mould easily, guaranteeing a perfectly-shaped coaster without any crack/de-mould mark. Also feel free to practise repeatedly - these molds are tear-resistant, non-deformable & reusable for uncountable DIY experiences!

    By using our DIY Set,  creativity will never be limited - Let's add different materials into the mold such as glitters, sequins, dried flowers/ plants to explore resin art!


    • Crystal Rsin Coaster DIY Kit
      Provides a full set of DIY tools (coaster mold, resin & color inks) for professional-quality, quartz-like coaster creation

    • Elegant Looking
      Increase positive energy with elegant styled finish
       for your dining room, kitchen & washroom any anywhere
    • Additional Elements
      Taylor-made styles by adding other decorative materials like 
      glitters, sequins, dried flowers/ plants etc. 
    • Easies DIY Kit
      Simply mix any element & color ink with resin, wait to dry naturally within a minute! Suitable for both craft beginners & professionals
    • Easy to De-mould
      Made of non-stick, flexible silicone mold for easy demoulding. Confidently take it off from the mold without breaking or forming any crack
    • Mix Your Own Color!
      Special handmade gift which can make necklace, bracelet, earrings etc.
    • Wide Application 
      Can be used as a snack plate, coaster, nail mixing platform and even for jewellery display!
    • No UV Lamp Required
      Just wait to dry naturally without any UV lamp, or apply hairdryer for the quickest result
        • Material: Resin, Plastic, Ink


        1. Pour color ink & resin glue into the coaster mold
        2. Wait until the it dried, use dryer optionally
        3. Take off the mold after resin dried


        • Set A:
          1 x Pink Ink
          1 x White Ink
          1 x Coaster Mold 

        • Set B:
          1 x Blue Ink
          1 x Purple Ink
          1 x Coaster Mold 

        • Set C:
          1 x White Ink
          1 x Purple Ink
          1 x Coaster Mold 

        • Full Set:
          2 x Resin Glue
          2 x Color Ink
          1 x Coaster Mold
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