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Puzzle Cookie Cutter

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Let's bake the unique cookie puzzles by yourself!

Puzzle Cookie Cutter Set is an innovative and fun cookie cutter that you can easily cut and bake puzzle shapes cookies! We sure you will love creating your own cookies with this! It gives you more fun of making cookies!

Each piece fits perfectly into each other so you can freely create puzzles in any size. These stainless steel cutters boast a non-stick surface for easy demolding and washing. Explore your creativity and make your unique eatable puzzle!


  • 🧩 Cute Puzzle Design
    Let's bake using these cute cookies! Cuts cookies into unique puzzle shapes.

  • 🧩 Easy To Use
    They are easy to use, just simply press down to cut out the dough and bake!

  • 🧩 Durable Material
    The molds are made of high-quality material that is durable.

  • 🧩 Non-Sticky
    With the non-stick surface, you can easily make a perfect cutout with smooth edge.

  • 🧩 Creative Decorations
    You can add more creative decorations to the cookies by drawing more patterns or adding colors to the cookies.

  • 🧩 Not Only For Cookies
    Not only baking cookies, but you can also use them for making cute shapes of chocolate, fruit, pancake and more. Just be fun and creative!!
    • Material: Stainless Steel
    • Size: 

      • 1 x Puzzle Cookie Cutter (8 pcs)
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