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Ultimate Swaging Drill Bit Set

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Create a perfect hole expansion using this swaging drill bit that performs well and produces professional results every time!  

This 6 exceptional set of swaging bits are constructed of high-quality, ball bearing steel. An innovative tool that allows you to create deep, clean hole expansion with minimum effort. It doesn't wobble when used! Perfect for creating constant, accurate depth size swage for leak-tight fittings. Simply insert the appropriate bit into the drill and you can now easily start swaging! 

The spin tool uses high-temperature friction and preserves the malleability of the tube. It also helps in preventing any forms of cracks and leakage. It works efficiently on any copper and aluminum tubing, whether it is soft or hard. Suitable to most popular HVAC tubing diameters!   

Work easily on any copper and aluminum tubing with this high-performance swaging drill bit!


  • Easy to Use
    A labor-saving tool that effectively creates a deep, precise hole expansion to any copper or aluminum tube in a sec! Simply insert the swaging pin into the drill and you can now use it to produce perfect swage for leak-tight fittings. 
  • Precise Swaging Bit
    It won’t wobble during the process of swaging, allowing you to get a constant, accurate depth size and compact fitting which helps to make brazing easier.
  • Heat by Friction
    Swaging method helps in preserving the copper or aluminum malleability while still maintaining its thickness and ensures you a better coupling. Additionally, the high-temperature friction process also prevents the tube from cracks or any leakages.

  • 6 Exceptional Set
    6 sets of amazing swaging drill bits to meet a wide range of various projects. Designed to fit even the most popular HVAC tubing diameters. Suitable to most screwdriver and drills.  
  • Premium Material
    Made of high-quality ball bearing steel with great stability and durability. Designed specifically to endure an endless swaging process, perfect for everyday use.


  • Material: High-quality ball bearing steel
  • Size: 
    • S 7/8: 55mm x 26mm
    • S 3/4: 55mm x 21mm
    • S 5/8: 50mm x 19mm
    • S 1/2: 50mm x 16mm
    • S 3/8: 45mm x 13mm
    • S 1/4: 45mm x 10mm


    • 1 x Ultimate Swaging Drill Bit Set


    • 1 x S7/8 Swaging Drill Bit 


    • 1 x S3/4 Swaging Drill Bit 


    • 1 x S5/8 Swaging Drill Bit 


    • S1/2 Swaging Drill Bit 


    • 1 x S3/8 Swaging Drill Bit 


    • 1 x S1/4 Swaging Drill Bit 

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